Lovera's brings home three national cheese awards




Krebs is home to national award-winning cheese.

Lovera’s Handcrafted Food Market cheesemakers Shawn Duffy and Matteo Lovera recently attended the three-day American Cheese Society conference and competition — referred to as the “Grammy Awards of Cheese” — on July 27-29 in Denver, Colorado, bringing home three national awards.

“It was a great opportunity to expose all of the hard work that our crew does here in Krebs,” Duffy said. “It is good to get recognition for the dedication we all have to making the best quality products.

“Okies can smoke some cheese,” he added.

The awards for Lovera’s included:

• First place in Smoked Cheese category for the Hickory Smoked Braided Caciocavera, which is hand branded, salt brined and slow smoked with real hickory wood.

• Second place in Smoked Caciocavera category for the Smoke Cacicocavera.

• Third place in the Pasta Filata category for the

Traditional Caciocavera, giving this legendary cheese its third national/international accolade.

The event was packed full of workshops, networking opportunities and 2,024 entries from cheese companies across North America.

Duffy and Lovera participated in cheese-making workshops, food safety and food science workshops along with networking with more than 1,300 attendees from every aspect of the cheese industry.

“This was Matteo’s first time at the conference,” Duffy said. “It was great for him to open his eyes up to not just information about the cheese itself, but the fact that there is an active and vibrant industry based around artisan cheese in our country.”

Lovera’s has been awarded 14 national and international awards since 2012, firmly putting Oklahoma on the map for artisan cheese.

“I have a lot of gratitude for everyone that has helped in this process,” Duffy said. “The diary, our crew and the long lineage of cheese-making predecessors. It’s great to say we won.’”

Lovera’s cheeses are made from locally-sourced, hormone- and pesticide-free milk.

Duffy said the 2018 conference will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“We are already looking forward to next year’s competition,” Duffy said.

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