Traditional Caprino Di Krebs - 4oz (Soft Goat Cheese)

Traditional Caprino Di Krebs - 4oz (Soft Goat Cheese)


Caprino di Krebs brings all the goodness of goat's milk without a pungent "goaty" taste. Rich and creamy with a tart finish this Chevre style cheese is a full flavored treat. Riding the line between crumbly and spreadable, the Caprino di Krebs texture is addictive in and of itself.
This versatile cheese has no limit in the kitchen and can be used in dishes from savory to sweet. Sourcing their milk from the happiest goats in Oklahoma, it is with great pride that we share Caprino di Krebs. The milk for all of our hand-crafted cheeses is from family owned single source dairies and is hormone and pesticide free.

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Flavor:  Milky, mild slightly salty with a sour cream-like tangy finish.

Beverage Pairings: Mild slightly tart flavor pairs well with a Hefeweizen or light sparkling wine.

Food Pairings: This extremely versatile cheese can be paired with everything from fruit or atop a freshly toasted bagel.

Cooking Tips: All three of Caprino Di Krebs cheeses can be used in many different ways in the kitchen. For a new twist on mashed potatoes try adding some Traditional Caprino di Krebs.

Notes: This cheese is meant to be consumed as either a fresh cheese or as a culinary cheeses added to a vast array of dishes. Taste this delightful cheese and let the imagination run wild with recipe ideas.