Oklahoma Toma - 8oz (Alpine Toma)

Oklahoma Toma - 8oz (Alpine Toma)


Toma cheese originated in the Piemontese region of northern Italy. Lovera's family's ancestry in this region of the Italian Alps has made this a very rewarding style to bring into their line of hand crafted artisan cheese. Oklahoma Toma brings to life the flavors of the rolling pastures of Lovera's dairy partner, Peaceful Valley Farm. Allowed to age on wooden planks for 5 months, Oklahoma Toma has a smooth yet semi-hard texture which carries the deliciously creamy and full flavored cheese to the pallet with a subtle intensity. The milk for all of our hand-crafted cheeses is from family-owned single source dairies and is hormone and pesticide free.

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Flavor: Buttery, grassy, lactic with earthy herbal undertones. Developing tangy sharpness with age.

Wine Pairings: Complex flavor profile stands best with a robust aged red wine.

Food Pairings:  At room temperature this cheese is wonderful with fresh fruits; apples, pears, and figs.

Cooking Tips: Always serve this cheese at room temperature or heated. Cheese served best on a cheese board paired with fresh fruit and cured meats. Does melt well if when used in pasta dishes.

Notes: Each wheel undergoes meticulous care as we age this fine raw milk cheese. This cheese is a fine illustration of the wonderment of Jersey Cow’s milk. Our dairy partners milk about 50 of these cows throughout the year, allowing them free access to our beautiful Oklahoma prairies.