Hand-Formed Madeline Caciocavera

Hand-Formed Madeline Caciocavera


Named in Honor of cheesemaker Sam Lovera's mother Madeline, this Caciocavera is the culmination of over 20 years of cheesemaking experience. Combining the rich, buttery goodness of Jersey cow's milk with the piquant caramel notes of sheep's milk makes this Madeline Caciocavera full flavored! Each cheese is hand-formed, bathed in saltwater, then individually tied with twine and hung to cure. The milk for all of our hand-crafted cheeses is from family owned single source dairies and is hormone and pesticide free.

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Flavor: Nutty, caramel, slightly buttery with the characteristic piquant flavor of sheep’s milk cheeses.

Wine Pairings: Complex flavor profile stands best with a robust aged red wine.

Food Pairings:  At room temperature this cheese is wonderful with fresh fruits; apples, pears, and figs. Madeline compliments slow-cooked meats and soups magnificently. Enjoy this cheese along with a fresh garden gazpacho.  

Cooking Tips: Always serve at room temperature or heated. Can be sliced then fried in olive oil for a delicious appetizer.  Shred onto baked pasta dishes. Fast and fun as cheese toast.

Notes: We are very excited to introduce this 50/50 blend of Jersey cow and East Friesian Ewe’s milk. Madeline is named after our mother who loved to give, to smile, and to cook for her family and friends.  Raising her three children, in the flat above the 1910 sandstone building that has been Lovera’s home since 1946, Madeline was a strong woman with a big heart.


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