Classic Sampler Gift Box

The Lovera Classic Sampler Gift Box includes:
• Hand Formed Traditional Caciocavera (8oz)
• Old World Family Spaghetti Sauce (26 oz)
• Steak Seasoning (6 oz)
• Italian Summer Sausage (5 oz)
• Meat Marinade (12 oz)
• Italian Grill Rub (10 oz)
• Lazzaroni Bruchette

NEW Cheese and Cured Meats Basket

A 9 piece basket of our finest cheese and cured meets• Stuffed Olives with Garlic
• Caprino Krebs Soft Goat Cheese
• Marinated Sun-drived Tomatoes
• Fresh Caciocavera Braided String Cheese
• Smoked Caciocavera Braided String Cheese
• Smoked Italian Sausage

• Soppressata Salame by Volpi
• Lazzaroni Bruchette

Cheese Sampler Gift Box

The Lovera Cheese Sampler Gift Box includes:
• Batistia (Cow and Goat) Caciocavera (8 oz)
• Madeline (Cow and Sheep) Caciocavera (8 oz)
• Smoked Caciocavera (8 oz)
• Traditional Fresh Caciocavera (8 oz)