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Marmalades & Jams

Fior di Frutta Organic Cherry Jam - 8.8oz
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Fior di Frutta Organic Cherry Jam - 8.8oz

Fiordifrutta is a line of jams and marmalades prepared exclusively from organic products and sweetened with DolceDi apple-juice. Fiordifrutta has all the flavor and goodness of freshly picked fruit. The difference is all of the Fiordifrutta jams and marmalades contain pure organic fruit, apple juice and pectin, that’s it. No added sugar, preservatives, colorings or sweeteners are added! Excellent by the spoonful or spread on bread, Fiordifrutta is ideal as a dessert topping, cake filling or added to smoothies, ice-cream and yogurt. A contrasting flavor to enjoy with fresh and mature cheeses or to add zest to savory sauces.

Fiordifrutta is produced from carefully selected organic fruit. The fruit is grown in Italy or on the RdA farms in Bulgaria and is subject to several different quality controls. The fruit must be sufficiently ripe to provide the best flavour, scent and colour. Laboratory tests prove the absence of any chemical residue from pesticides, fertilizers and plant-protecting products. The plant at Foza, Asiago has been designed for low temperature processing to maintain the vitamins, minerals and aroma of organic fruit.

Why Choose Fiordifrutta Jams and Marmalades? Because it is healthy: an innovative low-temperature cooking process fully protects nutrients and fibre contained in fresh fruit. Traditional cooking overheats and damages these natural resources. We use 2 kg of fruit to fill a 330 g.jar and the natural sugar found in apples is used to balance acidity and enhance the flavor. Fiordifrutta jams also have about 50% lower GI (glycemic index) than other jams meaning that it converts into sugar more slowly. This is achieved by a lower than average sugar content (30%) combined with a high fibre content.


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Cherries, apple juice, pectin from organic farming. Naturally without gluten.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size  1tbsp (20g)
Servings Per Container  13
Amount Per Serving  
Calories  35  
Calories from Fat    
% Daily Value*
Total Fat  0g  
  Saturated Fat    
  Trans Fat    
  Polyunsaturated Fat    
  Monounsaturated Fat    
Sodium  10mg  
Total Carbohydrate  8g  
  Dietary Fiber    
  Sugars  8g  
Protein  0g  
Vitamin A   Vitamin C  
Calcium   Iron  
** Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.